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    fijne mensen die hun afspraken nakomen”

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Profiteer van onze voordelen

HF Works, is dé uitzendorganisatie voor logistiek personeel. Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het uitzenden van nationale- en internationale chauffeurs. Daarnaast zijn wij actief met de werving en selectie van planners, monteurs en administratieve logistieke vakmensen. Wordt wegwijs in een tijd van ruim aanbod. Ga aan de slag bij een bedrijf wat bij jouw wensen past! Wij koppelen je aan de beste werkgevers, zorgen voor correcte tijdige betalingen en handelen volgens het TLN CAO.

  • Vind de juiste vaste baan
  • 24/7 bereikbaar
  • Optimale dienstverlening en kwaliteit
  • Direct contact met je vaste aanspreekpunt
  • Correcte en tijdige betaling volgens TLN CAO

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Call immediately! 040 262 0 617

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HF Works Personnel Services started in 2006 and has since then grown into a medium-size temporary work organisation with national coverage.

The company was set up by people from the transport industry who speak the language of drivers and of transport businesses.

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HF Works Personnel Services stands out from other logistics temporary work agencies because:

  • Extensive induction and intensive support for drivers
  • 24/7 contactable; open until 4.00 pm by arrangement
  • Clear and correct administrative processing
  • Honest and agreed=agreed
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The Logistics specialist

HF Works is your national partner for personnel services and for everything that is happening in the logistics industry. We speak the language of the employer and the employee.

In addition to drivers, HF Works is also active in the recruitment of administrative staff with a logistics background and the recruitment and selection of transport planners.

In addition to providing temporary staff HF Works is active in processing payrolls for logistics personnel.


Temporary Drivers

HF Works Personnel Services specialises in providing experienced and highly qualified national and international drivers.

These drivers receive a very extensive induction where their wishes and requirements are also carefully recorded. After all, a happy driver means a happy customer.

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HF Works Personnel Service sends out administrative personnel with a logistics background. Because of their experience in the transport sector, these staff can immediately work on all administrative activities at a transport company.

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Recruitment & Selection

HF Works Personnel Services provides for recruitment and selection for businesses that require highly trained logistics personnel. We are particularly active in the area of transport planners and transport managers. Staff may be placed with a company following a secondment period. At the end of this period the experiences of both parties are discussed at a final meeting with both parties and the staff will be employed immediately following a positive recommendation.

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You are not convinced about a new employee or would you like to have him work for a longer trial period? You have taken on employees for a definite period but are concerned about the administrative activities involved in this?

Then HF Works Payroll can help you!

Your advantages:

  • Your administrative burden and costs are drastically reduced.
  • You do not need to pay your employees sick pay.
  • You do not need to keep absenteeism records.
  • You do not have to pay employees for two years in the event of long-term sickness.
  • You do not need to be registered with a Health and Safety Service.
  • You do not have any legal obligations as regards the ‘Gatekeeper Act’.
  • You are no longer the legal employer.
  • Your employees have no notice period; you are no longer tied to (long) employment agreements.


Does HF Works Personnel Services have the right licences and certificates?
HF Works Personnel Services of course holds all the necessary licences and certificates. You can deal with this temporary work agency without any concerns!
1. NEN 4400-1 certified – see Downloads
2. Member of Stichting Normering Arbeid (Work Standardisation Foundation) – see Downloads
3. WKA certificate stating “provision of work” – see Downloads

Can I pay a part of the invoice amount on a G-account at HF Works Personnel Services?
Naturally, HF Works Personnel Services has a G-account. As the hiring party this blocked account offers you the certainty that you are indemnified against your liability for payroll tax and social security contributions.

Is HF Works Personnel Services a member of an industry federation?
Yes. HF Works Personnel Services is a member of the NBBU, the main organisation that promotes the interests of temporary work agencies in the Netherlands. Temporary employment agencies affiliated to the NBBU comply with the highest quality demands in the areas of administration and organisation. – see Downloads

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Your future starts with HF Works.

HF Works Personnel Services is a temporary employment agency specialising in logistics set up and managed by people with many years of practical experience. This is what sets us apart from all other temping agencies.

We know the issues drivers have! We attach great importance to the fact that you are satisfied and feel good. This is in everyone’s interests! During our first introductory meeting we take time to discuss your wishes and preferences and the possibilities at our company. Do not forget to bring your proof of identity and CV. Of course you can already do this by e-mail via this site.

In short, welcome to HF Works Personnel Services!


Are you looking for a challenging, permanent job? Then register now at HF Works.





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When will my wages be paid?
HF Works Personnel Services pays using a periodic system; see Downloads for the payment dates.

Can I be collectively insured for sickness costs via HF Works Personnel Services?
Yes, you can. HF Works Personnel Services has taken out collective health insurance with CZ.

What do I need to bring with me when I register?
If you are coming along for induction please bring your passport, driving licence, driver’s card and a recent wage slip.

I need to renew/apply for my driver’s card. Can I do this through you?
You need to apply for or renew your driver’s card via KIWA – see Downloads

Can I collect Code 95 points through you? 
Yes, of course this is possible. Please contact us for the possibilities.

2014 | 09 2014 | 09 Signing Sponsoring Agreement with N.T.T.O.

Starting with the 2014 season HF Works Personnel Services is sponsoring the N.T.T.O.: the Netherlands Truck and Tractor pulling Organisation. HF Works decided to do this because it has actively followed truck and tractor pulling in the Netherlands for many years and because it supports

2014 | 07 2014 | 07 Mission successful!

Patrick started today as a transport planner at his new employer Van den Heuvel Logistiek in Uden. To celebrate this, we surprised Patrick today with a delicious “HF Works Recruitment & Selection” cake. We wish Patrick a lot of success and pleasure at work and thank Van den Heuvel Logistics for their confidence in us.

2014 | 05 2014 | 07 Van Leendert Framework Agreement 2014

The new framework agreement for 2014 between HF Works Personnel Services and Van Leendert Transport Broekhuizenvorst is a done deal. Let’s toast to a fruitful cooperation!


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